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Return & Exchange

In order to let you get a assured shopping experience on 777bag store. 777bag provide a 30-day return and exchange service for each order.

If you want to apply for a return, please contact pkstockx customer service via whatsapp or email. Before returning the product, please ensure that the product is in a brand new state: keep all labels intact, and ensure the goods not used, not worn, not changed or not cleaned, etc. If you meet the return and exchange conditions within the specified time, you can enjoy the return and exchange service, otherwise, we will not accept returns and exchanges.

----If it is not a quality problem and the buyer want to return or exchange the goods, the buyer has to pay all shipping costs. We support returns or exchanges.

----If the product has quality problems or the model and size are inconsistent with the order, we will be responsible.

----If the goods are intercepted by the customs, we will send them to you again. 

Returns and exchanges are not accepted in the following situations:

1) Commodities that have been used, damaged, changed or cleaned.

2) You ordered the wrong model or size of the product yourself.

3) Goods whose outer packaging is damaged due to irresistible factors in the shipping process and require return.

4) Commodities that exceed the 30 days return period.

- Detailed Return and Refund Terms 

The Halo website provides every customer with a full-process order service. This detail is added on the basis of the original return. The original return policy information is still valid. In order to make 777bag customers more assured of our after-sales policy, we will increase the description of the scope of compensation.

According to the 777bag order service process, within 24 hours after the order payment is successful, the customer service will contact you to confirm the order information. After you confirm the information, the order will enter the warehouse to prepare the QC photo. When the QC photo is updated, please check carefully to confirm the day of QC Register the shipment. It is expected to update the logistics information about two days after delivery. I hope you can keep in touch with us throughout the process and give timely feedback on any questions. Order information can be modified before delivery, but cannot be modified after delivery. Once the order is shipped, the package interception fails, and the order cannot be canceled for you halfway. You need to receive the package before you can provide you with the after-sales process. Please understand.

Without compensation:

①Because the customer order information is not detailed, wrong, etc. (if you did not mention the error when checking the information)

② The surface is slightly wrinkled, the line is more, the seam is slightly offset, the LOGO is slightly skewed, there is a slight color difference, there is a slight stain.(If you confirm the photo in QC, you can accept minor flaws)

③Because the customer ordered the wrong size, the customer service was not notified in time.

④The customer does not like the goods subjectively after receiving the goods.

⑤ The packaging box is slightly worn, squeezed, deformed, etc. (International parcel transportation is far away, and it is impossible to ensure that the packaging box is intact, please understand)

⚠️If the problem is caused by us, we will start the after-sales process for you according to the problem situation, and provide services such as refund, exchange, resend, and partial cash compensation. Please feedback the problem in time and communicate with customer service.

777bag reminds you that after ordering successfully, please pay attention to your WhatsApp or email. If you fail to receive the customer service information in time, please check the spam mailbox or leave a message to the customer service. The home page of the website has relevant contact information marked on it. Only by establishing and maintaining contact can you go smoothly Initiate and proceed with the shipping process. Regardless of any problem, we can solve it for you through effective communication, please don't worry.

⚠️Most packages that cannot be successfully delivered are usually caused by the incomplete address filled in by the customer. Please be sure to fill in the address carefully when placing an order. You should also specify the address to the sect number, apartment number, etc. It is not possible to fill in just the street name. If the package is returned due to the customer's reasons such as the address is not detailed, you need to wait for the package to arrive at the overseas warehouse, and the staff of the overseas warehouse will notify you of the re-delivery. There is no fixed time limit, and it usually takes several months to wait. So please be sure to fill in your valid receiving information carefully.

⚠️The following disputes usually arise when a package is lost. The logistics tracking page shows that the receipt was successful, but the customer responded that the package was not received after inspection. If this happens, please contact customer service in time. The customer service will guide you to call the post office and provide the logistics number to let the customer The local post office conducts a coordinated investigation. If it is finally confirmed that the package is lost, please directly complain to the local post office. The reason for the complaint: the package is lost, obtain the complaint number, and provide the complaint number to the customer service. The customer service will feed back to the third-party logistics company and upgrade the lost complaint investigation. and provide you with a solution.